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Wondering if your AdWords Campaign is working as hard as it could be?

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Let us review your existing account against our 20-point plan; identifying wasted spend, click-through performance, keyword quality score and missed opportunities.  

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Why Run a Healthcheck?

Identify Wasted Spend

Uncover Low-Cost Keywords

Improve Click-Through Rates

Reduce Cost-per-Conversion


Our PPC Healthcheck - What's in the 20-Point Plan?

We review the following components and score your account.  Our scorecard report will be ready in 72 hours.

  1. Campaign types, Ad Group structure
  2. Access Control
  3. Bid rank and 'Quality Score'
  4. Landing page analysis
  5. Ad Variants
  6. Ad Extensions
  7. Geographic, demographic and device targetting
  8. Languages
  9. Negative keywords
  10. Keyword match types
  11. Keyword duplication and cross account cannibialisation
  12. Bidding strategies
  13. Shared Audiences & Remarketing
  14. Tagging
  15. Scripting
  16. Conversion tracking
  17. Engagement tracking
  18. Bid multipliers
  19. Scheduling
  20. Reporting

Is your business in Hampshire, Berkshire or Surrey? We'll present the findings to you face-to-face at your place of business of the local coffee shop.

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