About NetConnective

Here at NetConnective we get excited about helping small businesses attract visitors to their websites. We understand the challenges and opportunities that come with starting a business and use our experience to save you time and money on your digital marketing.

Who We Are

NetConnective was set-up back in 2014 by Adam Lacey and Colette Roberts with the aim of helping small businesses and start-ups get found on Google.

Colette, Google Ads Account Manager/Founder
I began working in Marketing back at the very start of the millennium, and interspersed with a bit of travel and having a couple of children, marketing has been ‘my thing’ ever since. I co-founded NetConnective in 2014, specialising in PPC. As Google Ads Account Manager I love getting my head around new accounts and campaigns (whilst dunking a biscuit in tea).
When I’m not in keyword heaven I like to spend time with my family and friends on various adventures. I daydream most about skiing down a mountain with the wind in my hair.

Adam, Analytics Consultant/Founder
I have something of an analytical mind, so unsurprisingly after a few years in IT and a bit of travelling, I began consulting as a Business Analyst. Working in a multitude of businesses across IT and Marketing functions. The stand-out area for me is understanding customer behaviour and what this teaches us about attracting new customers. This is what led me to co-found NetConnective in 2014, focusing on Website Analysis.
In my free-time I like to ski, sail and tinker in my workshop.

How We Work

At NetConnective we believe that with the right help at the start, small businesses can get themselves in the public eye at the same time as making your advertising budget work hardest for you.

We are keen to get to know our customers and their businesses. By understanding what your business goals are, we can choose the right Google Ads set-up and management for you, helping you to get more leads, sell more product or get more sign-ups.
With our analytical skills we can help small businesses grow to become customer-driven enterprises.

Working in Partnership

We are constantly looking to build relationships which can help us to deliver the best services to our customers and to do the same for like minded companies. Whether you are looking for a PPC partner to fulfil your customers' Google Ads requirements or you think you may be able to offer your additional marketing or PR services to our customer-base, we would love to talk to you.

We can offer referral packages or work as a white-label service, whichever is the best solution for you. Start a Conversation

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