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Develop a nurturing strategy for prospects or deepen engagement with existing customers with engaging and relevant email campaigns.

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Email Marketing Service with MailChimp & Constant Contact

Email Marketing remains one of the most cost effective tools for maintaining and deepening engagement with your businesses prospects and customers.  Platforms such as MailChimp and Constant Contact have a range of features designed for business users to simplify the capture, enrichment and targeting of customer contacts  and lists.

Our email marketing service is shaped by data, not gut feelings.  We help customers build & execute plans for email marketing campaigns based on data such as web analytics, CRM and customer profiling.  Our team have experience working with all the leading vendors and we actively manage thousands of contacts for customers across Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey.

Contact List Managment & Enrichment

Customer databases are not created equal.  A spreadsheet with a few hundred email addresses on it may be sufficient for the Happy Christmas email but not much else.  We actively manage our customers contact lists enriching basic information e.g. captured on web forms with purchase history, website behaviour analytics and profiling tags to enable granular segmentation and list building for more effective campaigns.

Campaign Planning & Execution

From one-off campaigns to a fully managed solution incorporating strategy, planning and execution our email marketing services are designed for the needs of business owners and busy marketers.  Our campaigns are delivered from customer briefs with analytics driving the copy, targetting and scheduling all designed to maximise call to action conversions.  All our services come with detailed reporting to enable ROI conversion analysis.



Why Email Marketing?

  • Opening a new office?
  • Looking to promote a new product?
  • Developed complementary services?
  • Expanding into new geographies?

Email Marketing can be a powerful tool if executed in a timely and targeted fashion using data to drive decision making. 

Open rates, click throughs and onsite conversions have all increased since NetConnective started managing my email marketing last year.
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