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As an established Google UK Partner, we've been recognised for maintaining high levels of certification and performance within our team.  This ensures your peace of mind in any services we provide to you. View our Partner Profile

What's in our Free Healthcheck?

A Free Audit Report, delivered to your Inbox compiled by one our certified team highlighting opportunities to save your budget and improve performance.

We audit the following account elements to help save you time and money.

Wasted Spend
Quality Score
Click Through Rates
Conversion Tracking
Account Structure
Impression Share
Mobile Performance
Best Practices

FREE Google AdWords Healthcheck and Audit

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Our AdWords Healthcheck - What's in the 20-Point Plan?

We review the following components and score your Google Ads account.  Our scorecard report will be ready in 72 hours.

  1. Campaign types, Ad Group structure
  2. Access Control
  3. Bid rank and 'Quality Score'
  4. Landing page analysis
  5. Ad Variants
  6. Ad Extensions
  7. Geographic, demographic and device targetting
  8. Languages
  9. Negative keywords
  10. Keyword match types
  11. Keyword duplication and cross account cannibialisation
  12. Bidding strategies
  13. Shared Audiences & Remarketing
  14. Tagging
  15. Scripting
  16. Conversion tracking
  17. Engagement tracking
  18. Bid multipliers
  19. Scheduling
  20. Reporting

Why do I need a Google Ads Healthcheck?

In over 60% of the Google Ads accounts we review we identify wasted budget and opportunities to get drive more relevant traffic to your website.  Our team will highlight the areas where your account can be improved in clear report with prioritised recommendations.

What do you need from me to run my Healthcheck?

Google provides it's partners a mechanism to securely access client accounts called the Client Centre. As a leading Google Partner we utilise this mechanism to remotely access your account with read-only access. Therefore we can view and audit your Google Ads account but not make any changes.

Do you have any restrictions on your Free Healthcheck Service?

Our eligibility criteria excludes a number of sectors including Gambling, Financial Compensation and Multi-tier marketing companies - see exclusions.  Also, due to demand for this service we limit the number of healthchecks we perform to 6 per month. If we have tripped this limit when you apply we will contact you to discuss performing your healthcheck on a future date.

Where can I get more information about PPC and Google Ads?

Useful information:

About Google Ads Credit

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Beginners Guide to Pay-per-Click Advertising

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