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Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

Web Analytics can transform digital marketing decisioning from gut-driven to evidence-based allowing website performance and user experience to be continuously improved. Our Google Analytics Set-up Service is designed to get you started as quickly as possible.


What questions can Web Analytics answer?

How much is your digital presence supporting your business growth? Can you answer the following questions about your website?

  • What are the traffic sources of visitor to my website?
  • Where are your visitors geographically located? What are their ages, gender, interests?
  • What is my best/worst performing campaign? Did I do better than last time?
  • What is the ROI of my latest marketing campaign?
  • How much is my SEO spend impacting direct brand traffic?
  • Are visitors watching my brand videos?
  • What is the impact of my social media efforts?
  • Which blog posts generate the most traffic/conversions

If you are unable to answer these questions then this service is designed for you.

How it Works


Choose Set-up Type

Choose the set-up type depending on your website or app platform:

  • Plugin: Set-up for WordPress, Shopify, Magento etc
  • Standard: Set-up with core feature set
  • Advanced: Tag-based set-up with rich feature set (recommended)

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Customise your Set-up

Then customise the feature set level of the selected service:

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Select Service Level

Finally, select the level of support assistance you require:

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Enter your details to receive a customised proposal

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Security & Privacy

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Google Analytics set-up tailored to your Business

No two businesses are the same hence each web analytics implementation we undertake is tailored to your needs. By choosing components best matched to your needs to only spend what you need to get started.

"NetConnective helped us set-up website analytics and improve our campaign ROI within the first 3 months."

How it Works - About the Options

Step 1. Choosing your Web Analytics Set-up Type

Choose between the following setup types:

  1. Plugin: For platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento etc where a base tracking installation is all that's required. (Not suitable for mobile apps).
  2. Standard: For website or mobile app installations with base tracking but including base visitor interaction metrics
  3. Advanced: For website or mobile app installations with a full-rich tracking feature setup.

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Step 2. Customising your Set-up

Customise your service based on business requirements:

  1. Base: For platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento etc looking for a base tracking installation. (Not suitable for mobile apps).
  2. Event Tracking: For website or mobile app installations with base tracking but including base visitor interaction metrics
  3. Event & Conversion Tracking: For website or mobile app installations with a full-rich tracking feature setup.

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Step 3. Indicate your preferred Service Level

Finally, indicate the service level you would like ranging from self-service to fully-managed and supported implementation:

  1. Go It Alone: For those wanting to perform all the planning and hands-on technical implementation but with occasional and ad-hoc support from our support team.
  2. Stand-alone Service: For those wanting our consultants to design, implement and hand-over the service as a one-project engagement.   Note this option is the commonly requested.
  3. Managed Service: For those looking for the stand-alone service but with the additon of in-house staff training and enablement and ongoing support.  Effectively outsourcing to us as partner.

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What will I get by filling in this form?

You will receive a summary proposal from us for the service selected, along with resources to aid you.

Is there any commitment when filling in this form?

No, we just use the information you provide to tailor our proposal to you.

Will providing information sign me up to any mailing lists?

No. We'd love you to sign up to our mailing list but completing this form will not do that

My web developer/a another agency said they setup web analytics for me. Can you confirm?

Yes, just complete this form or Get in touch here and summarise your setup.
A member of the team will check your setup remotely.

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