Google Ads Management – Monthly ‘Grow’


£142.80 (incl. VAT) – per month

Perfect for new and small businesses our flexible starter plan includes full, day-to-day management of your campaigns. Includes:

  • Up to 5 Campaigns
  • Keyword Optimisation
  • Bid Adjustments
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Email & Telephone Support

A flexible, contract-free approach for growing businesses.


Google Ads Management ‘Grow’ plan – Search.

Our Grow Plan is perfect for small business and medium sized businesses managing a healthy PPC advertising budget. We offer full, day-to-day management of up to five Search Campaigns. Management includes keyword monitoring, bid adjustments, campaign reporting, plus email and telephone support. All from a UK Google Partner.

No-contract is required, we offer a flexible service which you can use to get you started, to cover busy periods or on an ongoing basis.

One unit purchase gives you 30 days of our fully-managed service. Renew as required or select multiple units to purchase multiple months in advance. e.g. 3 units =3 calendar months of service. This service is our entry package for Google Ads management, see our PPC Management page for alternative plans.

Once you have checked out, your account manager will be in touch to talk through your objectives and how your Google Ads campaigns are currently set-up. We will take on the running of your campaigns, always keeping you in the loop on any key changes.

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Common Questions

Google provides a mechanism for Partners to access client accounts through something called the ‘Client Centre’. Like all companies providing this service we utilise this mechanism. You retain complete access but we can effectively manage the account for you without access to your usernames or password.

We’ll periodically (weekly) ask you to confirm account optimisation changes we propose. Typically involving changes to bidding strategies and keywords. Other than that all optimisation and tuning is done by us without you having to worry.

No, these are billed directly out of the account and back to you. Our charge is for the setup and management only.

Yes, you will have full access. That can continue to learn Google AdWords and monitor changes should you wish to take over management of the account at any point.

It means you don’t need to do anything for the 30 days we manage the account. Our team will manage all elements for you and provide a weekly performance report, delivered to your Inbox.

The setup and management will be performed by our office-based team here in Hampshire. No outsourcing here!

Sure, just change the counter to the number of months you want to purchase. The default (1) is 30 days so if you want us to manage your account for 6 months just select 6 from the quantity and we’ll do the rest.

Additional information

Ad Generation and Optimisation


Performance Dashboard

Included. Weekly and Monthly (delivered via email)

Negative Keyword Management


Email & Telephone Support

Included. Business Hours (Mon-Fri 9-5 excl. UK bank holidays)

Free AdWords Credit

Eligible. Pending voucher code availability. Terms and conditions apply


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