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Introduction to Google Ads Credit

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What is Google Ads Credit?

Google AdWords Credit is money that is credited to an advertiser's Google Ads account through a promotional code, also known as a 'voucher', 'coupon' pr 'promo' code. A quick search on the internet will reveal dozens of websites -- some more trustworthy than others -- promoting the distribution of these vouchers.

Types of Google Ads Credit

There are several types of codes in terms of both monetary value (£75, £120, £150 etc) and usage profile (new AdWords accounts vs. existing accounts) and each comes with it's own eligibility criteria and terms & conditions.

How can I get AdWords Credit?

You can get credit either directly from Google (typically the £75 code), through a Google Partner such as ourselves or through 3rd-party promotions and affiliates such Etsy.

There are different types of code eligibility depending on if you are 'new' to Google Ads (i.e. such up your Google Ads account in the last 30 days) or an 'existing' account.

If you are interested in Google Ads credit for your either your new or existing account then you can request a credit code from us here

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