Difference between Google AdWords and AdWords Express

What is the Difference between AdWords & AdWords Express

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Google Ads or AdWords Express. Which is right for my business?

Confused? Read on for our demystifying guide...

Updated: 23th August 2018 | Level: Introductory | Category: Guide

As a small business wanting to advertise on Google it can be hard to know where to start. I’ve put together a summary of key advantages of AdWords Express and Google Ads to help you make up your mind.

Difference between Google AdWords and AdWords Express

Firstly, AdWords Express; this is a very basic version of Google Ads designed to get your ad showing quickly and easily, with minimum ongoing input. For small businesses with small budgets, limited time and few resources, it certainly is the quickest way of getting your ad onto Google, so could be worth testing for a month or so.

However if you want control over your campaigns, have the time to get to know Google Ads or may consider getting somebody to manage your campaigns for you, then Google Ads is the one for you.

Google Ads gives you far more control over your advertising, offering you more options in terms of campaign type, targeting and what you want to include in your ads. Most importantly perhaps, Google Ads gives you valuable reporting capabilities so you can see exactly what is and isn’t working in your campaigns and where your money is being spent.

I’ve included a comparison table below to show some of the capabilities of AdWords Express & Google Ads:

  • Choose your Budget
  • Show text ads only
  • Select suggested Keywords only. No matching controls
  • Limited bidding controls
  • Target by geography
  • Schedule when your ads show
  • Ideal for: Small business owners & sole traders with limited time and budget

    For budgets less than
    £150 per month


  • Choose your Budget
  • Show ads in a range of formats including text, animated & video
  • Choose your own keywords and how they are matched to search terms (e.g. phrase match). Add negative keywords.
  • Adjust bidding to improve targeting
  • Target by location, device type, gender, age and more
  • Schedule when your ads show and adjust bidding for key times
  • Include ad extensions such as your phone number, links to another relevant webpage, etc
  • Remarket to previous visitors to your website
  • Track meaningful actions following an ad click (conversions) to measure whether you are reaching your goals
  • Link to Google Analytics, Tag Manager, etc
  • Run detailed reports for analysis
  • Ideal for: Businesses with larger budgets looking for greater control, optimisation and integration.

    For budgets from
    £100+ per month

Now all you need to do is decide and your Google advertising journey can begin! Clicking on the links below will take you to Google’s support pages on how to set up each type:

AdWords Express                                                                             AdWords

Or if you would like somebody to set-up your Google Ads for you, we can help, simply click below, then purchase Google Ads Set-up through our shop (quoting the code) and I will be in touch to get you started.

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